Starting date: 01st - 29th November 2020

Gallery Du 808 is known for representing new emerging artists, we sell art to collectors, businesses and regular shoppers. Our job is to introduce your art to consumers, we negotiate prices, we offer pricing advice, we represent the Artist and we display art in store and online.

How do I book?

Step 1: Read our benefits below

Steps 2: Book your space today and prepare your submission.

Step 3: A member of the team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking and to help you prepare for Christmas.

Step 4: Staff will guide and help you prepare for the exhibition, (we can also help you to price the art).

Artist must be over 18 and must be an emerging artist with at least 2 years of experience in Art, digital prints and photography.



  • How much is the commission? 100% Commission to the Artist 

  • How many paintings can I exhibit this Christmas? Artist can exhibit 3 paintings of 90x90 cm or 4 paintings of 50x50cm (max size each) + 2 unframed prints for our rack stand. (the rack stand is option and only if you have extra already printed).

  • Your art shall be displayed in store inside our central Art Gallery.

  • All art will also be available to purchase online and in store during the exhibition.

  • Art can be delivered to the gallery 2 weeks before the exhibition begins. (artist is responsible for shipping the art to the gallery).

  • We offer pricing advice.

Other Benefits:

  • Full-time staff on premise to sell and negotiate prices on behalf of the Artist.

  • Art will be available to purchase online and in store.

  • Art will be promoted online and in store for the duration of the exhibition. 

  • Our Website traffic is 205,000 viewers per month.

  • Store traffic within the Arcade is 22,000 shoppers per month.

  • Art shall be beautifully displayed, we take pride in our gallery space and presentation.

  • Photographs and videos will be taken for those who are unable to visit the gallery.

  • Due to the spacing of our store , we do not host opening nights.

  • We promote the emerging artists, negotiate prices with buyers, hang and display the art, sell to businesses, art collections and consumers globally.


 Book the window space £280.00
If you'd like you're art displayed by the window for more exposure. **1 Space remaining**

Book the wall space, £230.00
Art will be beautifully displayed on our wall space and will gain great exposure.

Please note that we can not accept sculpturesIf you have trouble booking or would like more information; please contact Sophie on

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Art may be negotiable, please get in touch with our friendly team us to discuss your options.  we will get back to you within the next 48 hours.

Tel: 0117 4019357

21-22 The Arcade


Bristol, UK


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