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Amy McGuire



Set of 3 canvas covered boards in acrylic,

Size: 63cm x 25.5cm 

Original painting on canvas

About the Artist:

Born in Preston but by artistic soul was well and truly nurtured in the West Country. I moved to Weston-super-Mare in 2017 where I started a new adventure at Weston College undertaking a Foundation course in Art, which refuelled my passion.  Taking my art passion further I embarked on a degree in Contemporary Arts and Profession Studies at University of Central Weston and Bath Spa were I have successfully completed my first year.


Inspiration for my work is drawn from several aspects of everyday life. It is more observations than inspiration but when it comes down to it, the observation of unusual things that seem out of place and I look to incorporate into my paintings. These could be anything from an unusual twisty tree, mushrooms growing at the base of a tree, or a frog sat somewhere he may be out of place.  


Shadows, light and colour are all aspects that are important to my paintings I paint with emotion sometimes dark,  sometimes bright,  with each painting there is a little piece of me on the canvas which gives me a great pride.  When the painting is finished I work out a way of displaying the work in its best light which has given me some unusual and creative framing solutions from sheet aluminium to the bark of the tree but I feel that without this extra touch the picture remain unfinished.