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Bethany Stevens




Original Painting on canvas
Size: (coming soon)


About the Aritst: ''What inspires me''

Whenever I start to paint, I always put on music so the pieces I create are usually the feelings I have

to the songs I’m listening to, I work in a nursery, so painting is my chance to relax after a long day. I’ve

always been into art since I was small, I really look up to my dad as he is very talented when it comes

to art and I’ve always wanted to have the talent he has or something of that scale in my own style.


We’d spend weekends and evenings working on the most mundane objects like clocks or leaves

things like that and my dad would help me learn how to create depth in my artwork. I really look up

to him and really cherish those moments as I’ve never felt so accepted and valued, no matter how

many times I had to rub things out or start fresh, I was never judged and always encouraged.


That’s where my passion and drive comes from, he’s always said “you can never stop learning” so I’m

always trying to explore different media, but my favourite is definitely acrylic.