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Camila Londono

£450.00 Regular Price
£150.00Sale Price

Cash Money Mickey
Size: Large 80 x 40 cm
High Quality Print on canvas
New - Great Condition


Please contact the gallery for more information on this exclusive print: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk

About the artist:
Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia many of Camila's influences come from the massive graffiti culture she was raised around in South America. Later in life Camila attended the City University of New York's business school and spent many years in Wall St and the financial industry. She started painting as a form of meditation and as a way to mute out the New York City chaos. This is when she discovered her hidden talent. While living in Harlem, she spent most of her days inside experimenting with different styles, colors and techniques.


Her art quickly drew massive amounts of positive feed back from friends and social media. That's when she decided to take her hobby more seriously and launch her art career. Camila now lives in California where she loves to create things every day. Through her creations, she hopes to sprinkle a piece of her joy around the globe in the form of colorful art, in hopes that it will brighten up your world, or at least your room! We hope you enjoy her art as much as she enjoys making it for you!