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Title: Spinal
Original Painting

Spray paints on board

Size: 30cmx40cm

Hand signed and dated on the back


Frame Size: 53cm x 43cm x 1cm bespoke, black wooden & glazed frame.

Frame Included: wooden bespoke, glazed & double mounted frame.


About the Artist: 

My diverse and conceptual style of work is focused upon a self-interpretation of expressionism, human emotion, light and movement. Currently I use spray paints to produce, my unique, seemingly ambiguous contemporary style of work.


My veracious, creative appetite and total fascination with the effects of light, movement and form inherent within, and upon all things is what drives me forward. I just love to keep experimenting, exploring and challenging myself creatively.


My goal then is to always create original, thought provoking work that inspires comment, discussion, even criticism; but above all a shared moment of feeling or reflection that comes so naturally to us all in our ever-evolving human condition.


Please contact the gallery for more information on Cass's Art Collection: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk

Art currently availalbe online, soon to be in store, please allow 3-5 working days before we can ship the art to your destination.

Cass Stoddart