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Morze 3
Original Painting /Seaside landscape,

Acrylic on canvas,

Size: 120x80cm,

private collection / Sold without frame


Plesae contact the gallery for more information about Agnieszka's Art Collection: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk

About the Artist:

Agnieszka Dziklińska (1994) comes from Warsaw. In 2018 she received a master's degree in arts in the field of visual arts, with specialization in art therapy at The Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. She has worked with Marek Sułek on art for Warsaw. The artist specializes in marine painting, which was inextricably related to her graduation work. Her favorite painters are Wojciech Weiss, Edward Dwurnik, Soter Jaxa Małachowski and Claude Monet.


Themes of Dziklińska’s artistic works result from her passion for nature. Life in the big city is restrictive, with nature as a marginal addition. Dziklińska emphasizes that her paintings are not only purely decorative. Their role is to depict the complexity and range of people's emotions.


In Dziklińska’s paintings the element of water becomes a human full of uncertainty, unconsciousness and, at the same time, hope and tranquility. A human delving into his soul, learns to read emotions, which is comparable to the situation that takes place at the sea - once it is to fight the element, another time to drift.

Agnieszka Dziklińska