Title: Oneness
Nano Acrylic On 15mm Wood Panelling.

Size: 46cmx46cm
Original Painting
Heavy box framed Including; Black wood with a matt satin finishing / Anti Reflective Glass frame.


Please contact the gallery for more information on these beautiful paintings: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk


About the Artist:

From a young age, Tarrick experienced an affinity with creating, specifically painting. Over the years he has been blessed with many opportunities to deepen his passionate relationship with paint, colour, design, and aesthetics.


Since 2014 Tarrick has been developing a body of work which he hopes will intrigue and entice the viewer, adding value to their lives and enhancing their well-being. An expansive mix of influences, alongside continual experimentation, and a love for freedom of imaginative expression have informed his evolving styles.


He cites art forms ranging from cave painting to modern expressionism as inspirations, resulting in an eclectic fusion of styles in his work. These include the use of lines and dots in highly organised formats, hard edge as well as geometric and calligraphic shapes. Balance, soft organic flow, rhythm and movement are also in evidence.


Tarrick’s fascination with the interplay of opposites ultimately balancing to create a natural equilibrium, a unified whole, is conveyed in many of his pieces. Action and inaction, being and non-being, the capturing of momentary existence and spatial symmetry appears to striking effect. The compelling aesthetic delivery featured in some of his work can almost induce or aid meditation or meditative contemplation.


The fundamental belief that a collective source exists which permeates the process of conceptualisation and creation, a “tuning into something larger”, informs Tarrick’s assertion that this, almost mystical experience, inspires many artists. He suggests that a real desire within human nature to express artistically exists in some form, describing his drive towards artistic expression as a calling, an infatuation, a passion.


About the collection:

These paintings are part of a series of 12 abbreviated as CONTEMPLATES. Each piece starts it’s name with a letter from the abbreviation and is suggestive of a state of mind.

The complete series is as follows:

C- clarity

O - oneness

N - nadir 

T - tantra 

E - egocentric

M - meditation

P - playfulness 

L - luminosity

A- aligned

T - thoughtfulness 

E - elusive

S - subliminal

Tarrick Ewens


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