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Zoë Ashbrook


Lyrical Sky

Original Painting on canvas

Mixed Medium Finishing

Size: 60 x 50cm

Deep edge modern white framed included.


About the Artist:

Painting in her studio based in the beautiful light and space of the Gloucestershire countryside, Zoë’s paintings communicate an emotional response to the experience of being in the landscape.


Zoë’s work celebrates the beauty and intrigue of the ever changing natural world in its wide variety of forms. Exploring the relationship between passing time, nature and landscape provides an endless source of inspiration.


“I work mainly with acrylic paint as I love its exceptional properties and adaptability that allows me to create depth, lustre, transparency and layers of texture within my work.”


Working in multiples on canvas or wooden boards, reference to photographs and a hybrid of memories provides a jumping off point for paintings. Beginning with layers of intuitive, playful, explorative loose brushstrokes and marks. The process of building up and scraping back layers of paint creates a rich tapestry of colour, depth and texture.


As the layers of paint evolve, each painting begins to develop its own unique identity with the hope of evoking a memory or sense of place and the pace of work begins to slow. The final stages become more considered while still allowing plenty of time for intuitive responses to make their mark. The goal being to keep a sense of spontaneity within the painting to keep it feeling alive and dynamic.


“Through a rich tapestry of paint, texture and occasionally collage, my aim is create paintings which will intrigue the viewer to want to look closer, to feel a sense of the atmosphere of the energy in the land, sea and sky.”