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Cosmic Heist Trilogi
Original Painting
Mixed Media on canvas 
Large Canvas size: 76cm X 51cm
Medium Canvas Size: 50cm x 20cm
Hexagone Cavas size: 27cm x30.5cm

Please contact the gallery for more information on this beautiful original painting. 


About the Artist:
An innovator, ideas person, artist, intuitive, creative thinker and self published author.A lucid dreamer from an early age, Deborah was born with a love for drawing and a fascination with the stars.


She later developed an interest in science and metaphysics and graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences. Whilst pursuing a career in innovation for a global health and wellbeing enterprise, behind closed doors Deborah continued to follow her passion for drawing.


When Deborah gave birth to her first child, she began to open up spiritually and actively began developing her intuition. She learnt that drawing provided her with a very natural and powerful way of communicating with a greater wisdom. Deborah weaves the stories of the universe into her art and poetry.

Deborah Perry