Title: Block colours & bold strikes
Size: 100cm x 70cm
Produce 2015
Original Painting on Canvas
Acrylic on stretched canvas Vibrant colours & bold lines with a spinal centre structure.


For more information about these beautiful paintings, please contact: Sophie Adams, enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk

About the Artist:

Joseph Jackson was born in 1988 in South London. He was raised by his mother after the death of his father at a young age. Joseph found himself lost in his early twenties, abusing substances, never having properly grieved over the death of his father. After having pursued several other creative outlets in music and extreme sports, he discovered his artistic voice in abstract painting.


He is self-taught and has been painting since 2014. Alongside his work, he dedicates time to studying post-war abstract art, a style that he feels resonates with his own. His work was featured at Centrespace Gallery as part of the ‘Time As A Construct’ exhibition.

Artist Statement

My methodology is mathematical - addition and subtraction.  I often begin a painting with one image or expression in mind. Then, as I begin to better understand the meaning, through application and removal of paints, the canvas takes on its honest form, even if this may seem to deviate from the initial idea.


The process is not deliberate, but it never feels entirely random either. Every stroke, flick, or drag is steered by underlying emotion. I try to allow the paint to freely form the final arrangement and texture.

Joey Jackson


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