Title: Candy Crush Ate My Homework
Giclée Print on 280gsm Soft Cotton Art Paper.

Size: 80cmx80cm
Framed in a beautiful plain white frame with regular glass.

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Who is Keith Paton? 

I am an artist currently living in Leith, Edinburgh. I have a small studio in the home I share with my wife and 3 children. The studio is small, but I make the most of it being in the house. It is easy to be in there most evenings working away on my various ongoing projects. Being able to integrate my creative life and family life is great and the kids are all keen and enthusiastic about making art, as children always are. I hope that seeing me work gives them insight into the process and not just the product of making art. 


I studied HND Illustration and Media Design at Edinburgh College, dropping out in 1995 to pursue a career in emergent digital media. In the period since then I have made interactive media, built websites and made mobile apps for banks and housing associations, artists, tourism and heritage organisations. I ran my own digital media business for a decade and when it finally failed, I decided it was time to return to making art for myself. I now work as a contract software engineer and use that to support my ongoing endeavours as an artist (thought I dream that one day I will no longer need to write software if it isn’t for the purposes of making art). 


Work and Process: My work and my process usually begin with drawings and notes in sketchbooks. I then progress the idea using a mix of traditional media and digital techniques, including generating art using computer code. The end products of this process are physical paintings and computer-generated works that are rendered as giclée fine art prints. I am also beginning to work in 3 dimensions and thinking about how to extend that to 4 dimensions with video or animation. 


Materials and Techniques: Broadly speaking, the main themes in my work orbit around ideas of time and the nature of reality. Those orbits are sometimes close and predictable, sometimes wide and elliptical. I research my work through reading and consuming many hours of internet video channels, audio books and podcasts dedicated to mathematics, physics, general science, art, philosophy, political commentary and current affairs. 


The most regular materials I work with are acrylic paint, spray paint, paint markers and a broken old photocopier. I enjoy the combination of options very much that these three different mediums give me. 

Paint markers are quick and free and very expressive, with a short drying time. They can be overpainted quickly or be worked over and into the other mediums. 


I use brushes, palette knives and fingers to apply and manipulate the paint. For example, I will often use palette knives to pull semi-dry spray paint around the canvas, extending shapes and forms to create movement in the composition. 


The aforementioned photocopier facilitates collage and a technique called gel transfer in which the printed surface of a copied drawing or photographic element is transferred onto the surface of the work, resulting in a semi-transparent image ‘layer’. This technique is comparable to how images can be built in layers inside digital image manipulation software. It is the most common way in which I fuse the traditional and digitally created aspects in my work. 


Keith Paton


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