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Lauren Lucchese



Original Sphere Painting

Acrylic and alcohol ink on panel.

Size: 40x40cm

Please contact the gallery for more information Lauren's Art collection: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk

About the Artist:
Lauren Lucchese is a design graduate of University of South Wales and The University of Glamorgan and now works as a designer for an agency in Bristol. Away from work, she can often be found exploring the natural world in a range of different media and techniques.  


Her contemporary Worldscape pieces focus on expressing nature and the environment, particularly oceans and rivers, to convey a sense of movement and vastness that might be seen as if looking down on the Earth from above. By capturing our environment in this way, alongside her detailed animal drawings and wildlife sketches, she hopes to record their beauty for a future when they may be irretrievably lost.  


These pieces also enable exploration of her synaesthesia in a way she hopes shares it with others. Having sensed flavours and colours when meeting someone or visiting places, these extra dimensions to everyday experiences have influenced the creation of her work greatly. By creating her Worldscapes in conjunction with the impressions she feels, the names given to them arise directly from her experience and capture the essence of her layered perception.