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Lise Couture

£550.00 Regular Price
£495.00Sale Price

When Hopes Springs New
Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm
Acrylic painting on 38mm deep canvases.


Techniques and Finishings: Acrylic paint and markers, collage of pouring art on canvas and of paper, sanding with steel wool, scraping, dripping, splashing, pencil, pen and oil sticks have been used in creating these artworks. Artwork is then protected with a clear acrylic layer and finished with a UV satin varnish.

Option to negotiate, please contact: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk 

About Lise Couture:

Lise Couture was born in “Vieux-Lévis”, in the Québec Province of Canada. She moved to Northern Ireland in 2002 and is now living in the beautiful Kernan Lough countryside near Gilford, Co. Down.


She started painting landscapes and seascapes in 2012. Lise furthered her art studies and became an Art2life Alumnus in to 2018. Since then, she became a producer of a bold and vibrant range of abstract paintings. The colourful style of her work has drawn many admirers and private collectors from various counties.


Her artwork has been described as joyful, whimsical, happy and energetic.

“I work on a series of paintings at the same time and begin with no end in mind. It allows each painting to develop in its own uniqueness. I love the freedom of reacting in the moment of what I am creating. My work is about hope, love and happiness found in simple things and in life. I work on canvas but prefer wood panel as it enables to give more flexibility with my intuitive painting.

It can withstand some of the unconventional tools I use. Layers of paint are added one at a time. Incrusting, collage, various mark making, printing, sanding and scraping back to previous colours keeps a sense of surprise, intrigue, freshness and spontaneity in my work. I always study and pounder on the last few layers to adjust, balance my design and then, refine it. My endeavour is to evoke positive emotions in me as an artist and make my artwork sing for the viewer to enjoy and connect.”


Lise has been exhibiting since 2012 at various collective art exhibitions and held several solo art exhibitions in Northern Ireland. She has also exhibited in France and most recently in Galleria Pall Mall, Royal Opera Arcade in London.