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Malin Östlund



Size: 60x60cm
Medium: Oil paint and dry pastels on canvas

Original painting on canvas
White wooden frame included (images coming soon).

About the Artist:

Malin Östlund is a Swedish painter and sculptor, born and situated in the north of Sweden where she work fulltime as an artist in her studio in a little town called Skellefteå. Malin have been creating art as long as she can remember, and even if she have studied shorter courses in specific art techniques, her education is in general autodidact. Since her first solo exhibition in 2010, she has participated in several jury-rated, collective and separate exhibitions


The poetic side of life:

Malins paintings are created with a mix of classical portrait painting and a more modern imagery, that sometimes even tends to the abstract. In her work she wants to achieve an intuitive connection to the beautiful and poetic side of life.


Dreamy paintings filled with friendly souls and a gate to the garden of the senses, which opens a world where you can dream and rest. The symbolism is often about personal development, inner strength and playfulness. Her paintings are mainly created with oil paint on canvas and processed in many layers.