What does your woman face say

High quality Glicee print on Fine Art Paper
Size: Large A2 unframed
Limited Edition 1/50.
Extras: Certificate of authenticity a seal on the painting and a note from the artist by hand.

Option to have embellished high quality print on aluminum.
Limited Editions 1/3.

Please contact the gallery about more details on these beautiful  prints:enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk

About Marita Fontana: 
A couple of years ago, while I was going through a difficult period in my life, I felt the urge to paint again, to make , to create. The step of setting up an atelier was too big for me then, I felt a thirst that no one else could quench.  An emptiness that only creating could fill. And so I found the possibility of painting with my Ipad . Anxiety or not , “ she “ was always with me . And I could take her everywhere, together with my dog, Manolo. My dear friend, Thea van Doorn, a well known artist in The Netherlands, had just started with experimenting with this medium.


She was one with it . And in between my emptiness periods and anxieties, we would sit in silence at the local cafe with our Ipads immersed in the moment . There was nothing else . 1 Who can paint in the darkness? I can, in bed next to my husband and dog who sleep deeply in the silence of the night . I love that they can be there but barely noticed. I can feel their presence . That’s enough . My bed is my atelier! Paint with my fingers? I only have ten so I wouldn’t have enough fingers if I was painting with oil paint.


They would limit me in the process . I love painting with my fingers. And with my left hand although I’m right handed. Oil paint layers have to dry. This stops my creative process. For me it has to come out , off of my mind, of my heart , my soul. I need to embody it into reality . It needs to come alive. I have my canvas, my brushes and paint always with me.


The urgency to paint comes on unexpected moments and I can start right away and listen . Otherwise anxiety takes over . Restlessness. Like Hockney said when people asked him why he was painting on his Iphone . He answered : “ I don’t paint on my phone . I occasionally make phone calls with my sketch book “ . I couldn’t agree more . I have my art printed on high quality Hahnemulle giclee prints. We can’t underestimate the quality of Giclee prints.


They have surpassed already the quality of lithography. I don’t see painting on an Ipad as a competition with the traditional methods. I see it instead as another way to express yourself and create . You communicate the same . 2 My turpentine and oil paint are in my Ipad. The only thing is that I can’t smell them, which probably would also trigger my migraines. So I create with what I have . I don’t have to stop . I hope that people that come acquainted with my art, are not interested in the how I made it, but in the why instead , and that I can tell my stories the way I want them to be told. My mission is to create affordable art for all.


My father was an art collector I have been always surrounded by the best art pieces . For this reason I refused to buy commercial art, copies of copies of copies of copies. But I wanted to have art at home, which as a young starter. couldn’t afford. So this is my goal now. To give these people- my younger self - the possibility of having

Marita Fontana


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