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Azure Place
Acrylic with resin finishing
Original painting on canvas
Size: 40 cm x 40 cm

Please contact the gallery for more enquiry about this beautiful painting. enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk 


About the Artist:
I grew up in Bristol and have always had a fascination with painting and colour. I have always been drawn to nature so painting the trees, sea, plants and flowers is mainly what I paint. I mainly use oil paint and Acrylic with Gold leaf.The Winter walks I love to go on and sunny days walking through the woods is where a lot of my inspiration comes from.


It became apparent to me I want to create images that calm the mind to help people relax more. I have been playing with light for some time and have made the discovery that the gold leaf can create many different moods when exposed to different angles of light.


The dark evenings with the lamp light on can make the gold glow. It changes at every angle you put it which gives you a sense of change in the surroundings.I have also been using Resin for my beach paintings which are smooth to touch.


I wanted to create texture into the content my work somehow, so this was a great way to this and to still have a smooth surface. It can sometimes look a bit 3D depending on how many layers you use so my degree in Textiles has influenced me greatly to use the colour and textures in my work in a certain way.


My Main focus with my work is to let the work become an art Therapy for the mind, to take you for a moment to a place that is serine where you can let your imagination to a calm and peaceful place.A work I created recently of ‘The Iris’ was typical of this. I played around with colour and light to create a piece in the afternoon sunlight I was taken aback when the Tate Gallery commented on the painting as Beautiful.

Rebecca Evans SOLD