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Cosmic Connections 2

Mixed media on canvas
Original painting
Size: 90x90cm
Mixed media painting / sand, pigment, acrylic, spray paint, oil pastel.

Please contact the gallery for more information on Ryoko's beautiful art collection: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk

About art works: I believe that there is cosmic connection in our deep inner mind. When we connected with it, we feel relaxing and calm. It is powerful vibration from the universe. Our busy life tends to make us disconnect with it. But if we have the connection always, our life could be smoother and positive.

About the Artist:
Ryoko is Japanese artist who lives and works in Wales. She explores the relationship between spirituality and artistic expression. During meditative states, she transfers the true nature of the inner unconscious behind the mental and emotional phenomena on the art works. In particular, she focuses in capturing the expressions of the essential soul.


Her art works have been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries, and some were chosen for selected shows and private collections. Studied painting with meditation under Yokoo Tatsuhiko in Berlin and MA Art & Design in Leeds Beckett University.

Ryoko Minamitani