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Sabrina Mele


Chilly Spring Morning
Size: 98 cm X 48 cm 
Colours; Canary & Lemon - Cyan - Cobalt blue
Artwork is made on 100% Merino Wool Tops on black wool felt.

Merino wool suppliers guarantee that the wool is ethically sourced from non mulesed flocks.  Fribers are none-toxi colourfast and babe-safe.

Artwork is beautifully framed in black edge frame. (images coming soon)

Open to negotiations, please contact the gallery for more information: enquiry@gallerydu808.co.uk


Needle Felting. It is a technique that involves wool and needles. My canvans is made of black wool felt. The wool is 100% roving Merino because of its softness, shine and breathability. Roving wool comes from washed carded wool. During this process the scales of the wool are oriented in the same direction.


The needle has tiny barbs on the end, when the needle is stubbed into the wool the burbs pull the wool in but not back out again. The wool fibers are locked into a position. It is not just one or two fibers that are locked but literally thousands of fibers.


About the Artist: I am an Italian artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Bristol. I have a passionate Italian history, mainly in Liguria, with personal and collective exhibitions. I have started a new figurative path of experimentation of with unusual materials and techniques such as needle felting.


"Creativity has been an essential part of my life for as long as I can remember, even as a child. I have always loved colours in whatever expression or display. I have chosen to work as an artist and designer mainly with fabric and wool. Wool is my paint tube and needles are my brushes. I am fascinated by how light affects colour in different environments; whether the light is in a natural setting outdoors or indoors.


I consider endlessly fascinating the interplay between light, colour and environment and I am constantly exploring and trying to capture its infinite variations".

More Information: (representation of the artwork)
Dandelaion is a flower, its scientific name is Taraxacum, a large genus of flowering plant in the family of Asteraceae ( daisy or sunflower ) is the largest family of flowering plant, in terms of numbers of species. They are distinguished by having flower head (capitula) which are made of hundreds or thousands of tiny individual flowers (called floret).

The genus is native to Eurasia and North America. Dandelaion, from French dent-de-lion, meaning lion’s tooth, is given to members of the genus from the shape of its leaves. The leaves are 5-25cm long or longer, simple, lobed and form a basal rosette above the central root. The flower heads are yellow to orange.


They are open in the daytime but closed at night. The flower heads mature into a spherical seed heads called blowball . Its seeds are like little parachutes that fly away (even 5 miles) with the wind, spreading and groing more dandelaions. EDIBLE Every part of dandelaionis edible, from the root the the flower. Root: beer/tea leaves: salade flower: tea-honey-infusion Officinale name : Taraxacum health benefit: source vitamin A,C,K and several minerals, antioxidants, inflammation, promote healthy liver, support digestion and treat constipation.