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TG Freeson



Size: 71 X 56 CM
Medium: watercolor, pencil
Produce: 2019

Original Painting on board.


About the Artist and the concept:
The effects of refraction and reflection al low us to see colors and their shades. But it is what we cannot see that I try to represent: it is the electric bond that is transmitted from an object to another and that, within those same objects, has different intensities and frequencies. As science says: “the visible matter is just the 5%”. Things, People, and their Shapes interact between them by way of exchanges of l ight and reflections. Everything becomes refracted, and, in al l its complexity, it looks simple.


Thus, the classic figurative representation of what we call Reality is obfuscated. I try to see these relations and represent them by way of different means. I try to represent the vibrations of elements and the relations between the latter. Just l ike a researcher, I look around, attempt, experiment, analyze, elaborate and make use of everything I can, I ‘dissect’ objects and materials to clearly see and understand them as a whole, just l ike ‘an anatomy of real ity’.