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Name: Tea Refreshing

Size: 100x100cm

Value: Original Artwork

Material: Billbroads, posters and newpaper.

Size Print: 50x50cm
Limited Edition 1/100.


Jordi Prat Pons performs his work with a masterful wink to sculpture. From pieces of billboards, posters and newspapers, Prat Pons creates a textured universe that seems to give life to their creations, giving them an amazing contemporaneity, especially when the underlying theme of the painting has a great classical form as seen in his series about classical sculptures. Another feature to highlight the work of Prat Pons is the artist's desire to dignify unused objects and icons, as the series of advertising posters from the 50s, 60s and 70s.   Approaching in a conceptual way to the hyper-realism, he exalts everyday objects forgotten by time.   It is possible to see a turn towards pop art, but the absence in his works of any criticism to the mass market and to the uncontrolled consumption, indicates that the path followed is another.


Cup of tea art, beverage art collection.

The Refreshment