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Vicky Anna Lardschneider


Produce: 2019
Size: 60 x 50 cm
Acrylic, Varnish, Fluid Medium, Acrylic pen, Firnis
Original Painting on Canvas / High quality

About the Artist:

In the process of creating new worlds through her artwork, she is able to let everything go and spend hours of hours by herself with the painting not realizing time or her surrounding. Vicky Anna is diving completely into her artwork and new born identities. She allows her deepest emotions and feelings to fill her universe for the moment of painting not knowing about whats going to come up to the surface. 


The most inspiring element for her is the element of water. Crossing the atlantic with a ship she wrote:

"The biggest part of our planet is water. Water consists of billions of unique and single water drops. Because of the drops water is flowing and transforming itself constantly. Every single drop makes the the element of water complete not knowing where to go next."

"Its not about being at the most wonderful places of the world or doing the most crazy adventure, but to let your feelings and fears lead you to certain directions which make you create unique and wonderful places inside of you."

Her art does not have any rules, neither boundaries.
Its a constant flow of love and acceptance for everything thats coming. 
She is doing mixed media mostly on canvas, but always trying new surfaces and techniques.