Refund and Exchange Policy


Customer has rights to be offered a refund within 7 day of purchase and an exchange within 14 days of purchase.  We can not be held liable for consumers actions who are unable to return the Art within this time frame, we ask that you contact us in advance should you require more time to return the art. 

Art must be returned in the same condition as it was purchase, we will not accept refunds or exchanges if the art is scratched, damped, smells of cigarettes or other forms of toxic fumes, broken glass, scratched glass or frame, fire or water damage, stretched or broken. 

Artwork will be carefully boxed package and shipped within 3-5 working days after your purchase.

Artwork can be purchased online or collected in stores, once you're order has been made we will send you a confirmation email to let you kno when the art is ready for your store collection.

Buyers will receive a signed certificate for authenticity, all artwork is copy right protected.


The gallery does not provide a framing service however should you like the frames be added to your canvas artwork,  Gallery Du 808 can arrange for framing to be included, please contact the gallery for more details so that we can create and include the perfect frame for you. Fees will apply to the framed artwork and a quote will be given before any payment is accepted.


Buyer has the right to negotiate prices for artwork, please contact Vitali Cortesi on either
Tel: 0117 4019357

Terms of the art:

The following payment terms will apply to each consigned artwork sold by GALLERY DU 808 is to be initiating in this document, both parties agree to each stipulation listed in this Agreement when artwork is purchased: 

1. BUYER retains ownership of artwork work consigned to or represented by GALLERY and artist.  Customer retains original copy of artwork in perpetuity.

2. Retail sales price for each consigned artwork will be established by GALLERY in consultation with ARTIST.  Factors influencing retail sales price include history of prior sales by artist, market demand, and GALLERY knowledge of its inventory, Buyers and price-points. 

3. If BUYER is unhappy with the artwork, he/she must return artwork provide by the GALLERY, in a timely fashion and within 7 days, customer will then have the option for an exchange or refund,

If the item is refunded by post or delivered, artwork must arrive in excellent condition this means, no scratch, stains, damp, burnt or any other form of damage to the canvas or frame.

4. In case of refund, BUYER must provide proof of purchase and that art work has not been damaged within the duration of its stay in BUYER’S presence wherever that may be, home, office, presented as a gift.  Refund and exchange policy does not apply if customer can not provide proof of purchase such as receipt or bank statement.

5. Payment plan accepted, BUYER must be provided card details and identification to secure his/her payment of artwork at the GALLERY.  Payment plan will be calculated as appropriate and will be agreed upon both parties, this policy is none refundable and at no point will the BUYER be refunded during or after a payment plan.

A 50% advance deposit is require, such request can not be completed online and Buyer must contact the gallery for deposit and payment planning option.

  1. If the BUYER wishes to option out to purchasing such artwork, he/she must claim a refund within 7 days of this contract.  

  2. If the payment is missed by the BUYER, a formal notification will be made to the customer, however should there be no exchange of payment after the first notification.  The GALLERY will have rights to withdraw direct payment plan  from its customer.

  3. Payment is to be provided in a according term plan.

  4. Full payment is to be provided on the day on this contract if no payment plan option is available.

  5. BUYER will provide GALLERY with account details of preferred direct debit.

6. GALLERY will maintain insurance for theft and transportation, and declares that all consigned artwork will be covered by insurance while in GALLERY possession. Reasonable efforts will be made to protect consigned artwork from accidental damage or breakage. Insurance liability for accidental damage or breakage (is) provided by GALLERY. 

  1. Once artwork has left the premise it is no longer the GALLERY responsibility to ensure art work arrive undamaged, in such cases, Gallery may organised an agreement with both parties.

7. Art must arrive on leave the GALLERY in good sales condition, this must include no damage to the art, frames, no holes or stains.  BUYER may withdraw Gallery artwork from being utilized if conditions are not acceptable, if such case, artwork may be refunded by GALLERY with agreed by both parties.

8. GALLERY will be responsible for wrapping, packing and shipping all art work to the BUYER’S address as stated. GALLERY will ensure that all art work will be carefully packed and sealed to Gallery Standard at the end of CONTRACT. Once art work has been shipped it is no longer the GALLERY's responsibility for the art work conditions on arrive to its destination.

  1. GALLERY has rights to hold art within 5 days after the BUYER has completed payment or payment plan, this is to ensure payment has successfully been approved.

9. Following standard gallery procedure, BUYER agrees that their selected artwork (originals and duplicates) will not be displayed or shown in other galleries within 3 mile radios, artwork purchase can not be resold to another gallery.

  1. This practice stabilizes the artwork value and provides a level of exclusivity, which benefits originality.

11. GALLERY agrees to sell artwork as described 

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