Terms and Condition Agreement  
Membership – 02nd - 15th December 2020 
By completing the payment, Artist and Gallery both agree to the terms and conditions. The following commission payment terms will apply to each consigned artwork sold by  
GALLERY: __0%__ (commission to GALLERY), __ 100%__ (commission to ARTIST).   

- GALLERY agrees to pay the ARTIST full percentage of the commission owed when their art is sold. 
- GALLERY will make efforts to accommodate unique and special opportunities that arises, including participation in black Friday sales and many more opportunities, discount and negotiation on the price may be offered to consumers. 
- Art that is sold online will be available to purchase in store and online.   
- Once the art is sold in store or online, the Artist will be able to deliver new Art to replace the sold pieces as long as this is still within the membership date. 
- There is a 3% reduction fee for all credit, direct card and online transactions, this reduction will be added to the total commission, all other transactions such as cash will not be deducted.  
- Should the customer wish to pay using a payment plan, then artist must agree to be paid by the gallery on a monthly payment plan. 
- Artist shall receive their commission payment within 14 days of the transaction completed for regular transactions. 
- Art which is due to be displayed or that is currently on display will be advertised and promoted freely by the GALLERY, the gallery has rights to promote the art as they wish, this includes social media, websites and other forms of advertising which contributes towards the selling the art. 

- All art is copyright protected on Gallery Du 808’s website. 
- Retail price for each displayed artwork shall be established by the GALLERY in a consultation with the ARTIST.  The gallery will have rights to negotiate prices with the consumer and adjust prices of the art without the consent from the Artists, this term has been put into place for a quick negotiations made with the consumers.  
- Factors influencing retail sales price include history of prior sales by ARTIST, market demand and GALLERY knowledge of it’s inventory, buyers and price points.  

- The exhibition and membership fee is at no stage refundable or available for an exchange. 
- Gallery can cancelled the membership at any stage should the artist become inappropriate with their manners, if the artist causes dispute that can not be resolved by the gallery and if the artist becomes unreachable, therefore the artist is no longer in communications with the gallery. (in such case, the gallery will have the rights to cancel the membership without giving a refund or exchange). 
Shipping and Insurance 

The gallery will do it's best to handle the artwork with care, however we strongly advice Artist to have insurance protection whilst artwork is housed at Gallery Du 808. The gallery will solely have insurance protection for theft, attempted theft and fire damage to any Art or merchandise that is within the premise of Gallery Du 808.  The gallery shall not be held responsible for any other damages which may occur inside or outside the premise. In the attempt of theft the gallery must provide proof to compensate Artist, this can be CCTV footage, witnesses or a police records, compensation for the damage will only cover the material cost, please view section A. 
- Artist is responsible for sending the art to the gallery and the Artist is responsible for arranging a collection from the gallery. 
- The gallery is responsible for all shipping cost to the consumers address when art is sold. 
Customs Fees for International Shipping: 
- Artist is responsible for paying customs fees if the art is shipped internationally or overseas. Failure to complete the custom fees will result in the gallery holding onto the art until the custom fee are completed, the artist will have 7 days to complete the payment from the date on notice, should the payment not be completed within 7 days, then the gallery will have the rights to permanently keep your art to make up for the loss profits on custom fees. (art will then be donated and the exhibition will be cancelled) 

General Terms: 

- Artist is responsible for his/her insurance cover during transit, the gallery can not take any responsibility for any damage, loss, scratch or stolen goods that may happen during shipping, nor will we offer a refund for the courier service/shipping as this is not in our control. We strongly advice the Artist to have insurance protection should anything happen to the artwork during transit/shipping.  

- Gallery Du 808 will cover insurance protection for art that is being shipped to the customers address who has purchased art from the gallery and as long as the art has been packaged by the gallery’s staff, in such case that the art arrives damage, then the consumer will receive a full refund and the Artist shall be compensated for the material cost, not the retail value of the artwork, artist shall need to provide a proof for all material cost: (see section A). 

- There will be no compensation for either party should of Art go missing in transit. 
- Any unsold art that is remaining after the exhibition date shall be rightfully returned to the artist’s address, a quote shall be provided for the Artist to return the art.  The artist will also have the option to collect the art on premise to save on shipping fees. 

- Art can be stored within the gallery premise 15 days before the exhibition begins and 15 days after the exhibition or membership ends. 
- Artwork shall be stored at Gallery Du 808 before and after the exhibitions as agreed, any remaining artwork stored in the gallery after 15-25 days shall be disposed without dispute. If you require more time to store the artwork, please notify the gallery’s staff to come to an agreement.  
- Insurance protection for all art shall begin on the day that the exhibition starts and end 15 days after the exhibition has ended. 
- Insurance protection only applies for Art that is stored inside the Gallery’s premise. 
Section A: compensation for material cost limit. 

Art that is damaged will be compensated by the following: (artist must provide proof for the material cost). 
Art that is sold from £700.00 + will be compensated up too £300.00 in material cost. 
Art that is sold from £400.00 to £699.00 will be compensated up too £200.00 in material cost. 
Art that is sold from £399.00 to £200.00 will be compensated up too £86.00 in material cost. 
Art that is sold from £199.00 to £99.00 will be compensated up too £45.00 in material cost. 
By completing the invoice payment provided to participate in the exhibition or membership, both parties (artist and gallery) has agreed and understand the terms and conditions.   

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